A lot has happened

I have been pretty silent this spring training but I am still watching and listening to everything that is going on. First, the injury to Ryan Madson stung a little but that kind of thing happens in baseball. The Reds took a gamble and it didn’t work out. Second, Joey Votto is staying with the team. I am very happy with this move because it really shows the head office wants to put together a top team for many years to come. They have many options for Brandon Phillips if they decide to trade him. Of course when I say options I mean they have young players ready or one year away from being ready to play his position. I do not mean in no way that they would be better than him at 2B. Joey Votto, in my mind can not be replaced as easily.

I am looking forward to what happens this season and I am very happy to see the time is finally here to start playing ball. And just so you all know, I still believe the Reds have the best team in the Central. I wish you all a great season. I will post more often now that the season is starting and give my thoughts on games and deals when they happen. Go Reds!!!


Dude, You And I Are Hoeing The Same Row.
I’ve Not Posted Much On Baseball During The Off-Season and Spring-Training. I’ve Kept Up With All The Reports And Such, But Haven’t Had A Bundle To Say About It All. SOOOOOOOOOO, Now That The Season Is Back, I’m Hoping To Be Getting Back To The Passion That IS Baseball Writing.
I Love It. I Miss It. I’m Ready To Get’er Goin’ Again!
Glad You’re Back, Dude!
And, While I Think The Reds Gave VOTTO Toooooo Much Money…
…I AM Glad He’ll Be Staying In Cincy. It Just Makes Our Rivalry SO MUCH THE BETTER!!!


On paper (Spring Training stats) Your boys are looking great. BUT, that is just spring trainging LOL. I am looking forward to a great season for both of us going back and forth.

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