In it to win it!

Are people still second guessing the intentions of the Cincinnati Reds Front Office? I’m not! First they re-signed Joey Votto and then Brandon Phillips all in the same year! To tell you the truth I knew something was different when Walt Jocketty signed Ryan Madson and traded for Mat Latos and Sean Marshall but many didn’t think it meant anything. All I can really say right now is; WOW!!! Thank you Bob!

If this doesn’t put fans in the stands I really don’t know what will.


Walt Jocketty Worked His Magic For The Cardinals For A Long Time…
…So I KNEW He’d Be A Good Thing For Cincy.
Looks To Me Like He’s Building Y’all A Perpetual WINNER.
Cincy Has The Pieces To Make A DEEP Playoff Run.
Now It’s a “Hurry-Up And Wait” Type Situation.
Brewers, Eh.
Same with Pitt AND Houston.
It’s ALL CARDS or ALL REDS, You Just Watch!
L8r On, Dude!

It is nice to be able to cheer for a team that is really working hard in the offseason and season to make a good team. There were many seasons I wondered what the hell I was doing cheering for them LOL Walt and Bob are showing fans they want to win now and for many years to come.

Agreed, Sir. Very Much So.

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