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My #reds Check List

I have seen a few blogs already start an off-season check list for the Cincinnati Reds so I thought I would join the fun and list what I think the Reds should do this off-season.

1. Sign a rough and tough manager who does not want to be buddies with the players. Pitching Coach Bryan Price would be great but I am not sure he is going to be mean enough right now and the Reds need a guy that will stir up the hen-house!

2. Trade Johnny Cueto. After seeing the way he handles playoffs and after him being injured the whole season maybe it is time to see what you can get for him.

3. Make Ryan Ludwick a bench player. This off-season the Reds should be looking to get a better solution at LF. If they are going to keep Todd Frazier at 3B they will need more pop coming out of the LF spot. A Right handed bat that will go in between Joey Votto and Jay Bruce. Moving Ludwick to the bench would then move Chris Heisey out!!!!! He should have been in the deal with Drew Stubbs to tell you the truth.

6. Let him steal! Get Billy Hamilton in CF and let him play a whole season as the lead off hitter.

7. Sign cheap catcher depth. I have a feeling the Reds are going to be needing more catcher depth if they want to continue making the playoffs. Devin Mesoraco and Ryan Hanigan got beat up this season. Don’t get me wrong, I love Corky Miller, but having a few more pro ready catchers could really help this team next season.

8. **** Fire Walt Jocketty! If at any time Walt says, “I don’t want to make a move just to make a move.” this off-season I think the owners should say, “You’re FIRED!” and get someone who will make moves to better the team. As far as I know, the Reds are in it to win it! So that means, getting players that will WIN IT!!!!

#Reds lose another tough one to #Padres

July 30, 2013 at PetCo Park, Cincinnati Reds lost another game to San Diego Padres. It was a very close game but a loss is a loss, and right now the Reds don’t need any.

Zack Cozart safe

Just when I wrote that Derrick Robinson was a good solution at lead off for the Reds, he goes 0 for 5 with one strike out. Shin-Soo Choo (who played left field) went 0 for 3 batting in the second spot of the batting order and caused a lot of concern by fans when he was pitch hit for by Chris Heisey. Joey Votto got 3 walks with one run tonight and did not look comfortable running the bases for some strange reason. Brandon Phillips went 0 for 3 with one walk. Jay Bruce had a 2 for 4 night with one RBI and one run. 3B Todd Frazier went 0 for 4 with 2 strike outs and is still looking very uncomfortable at the plate. Zack Cozart went 2 for 3 with one walk. Devin Mesoraco went 1 for 4 with 1 RBI with 2 strike outs. Mat Latos pitched a pretty good game but also looked uncomfortable on the mound and a few times looked like he was trying to hard to over throw the ball again. He went 6 innings allowing 6 hits, 2 earned runs with 2 walks and 6 strike outs. Logan Ondrusek pitched 1 inning allowing one walk and getting 2 strike outs. Manny Parra came in and gave up one hit and one earned run and got the loss and Sam LeCure gave up two hits and one earned run, along with getting two strike outs.

Mat  Latos

San Diego Padres starter, Edinson Volquez went 6.1 innings giving up 4 hits, 2 earned runs, 5 walks and got 3 strike outs. And if the Reds would have not swung at a lot of bad pitches that walk total would have been a lot higher. Some of the at bats made Volquez look like Justin Verlander out there. The Reds so badly want to get out of this hitters slump that they are over thinking it and trying to hard right now. They need someone in the club house to have fun with it and boost them out of this. A Ryan Ludwick / Jonny Gomes type player.

My next target

I have moved on from shaking my head and yelling at the TV for players like Drew Stubbs (who was traded) and Homer Bailey (who is now starting to pitch well) to a new target who seems to just get deeper and deeper on my … list. Devin Mesoraco has made some plays lately that have had me not only screaming at my TV but very close to throwing things at it too. But, I am trying to let the youngster grow up and learn from his mistakes like I was supposed to do with Drew Stubbs and Homer Bailey. Some days though, it is very hard not to yell. I just sit and chew on my tea tree toothpicks and hope he learns fast. It seems like he is just not in the game mentally some days and this is not a good thing when you are a catcher. I won’t even get started on his base running.

Now don’t get to upset with this rant, I like the kid and hope the scouts are right about him, but there are days when I really can’t understand some of the things he does. I guess this is the growing pains we fans have to put up with in order to have the star player everyone promises.

Another bad play

Reds 4 Mets 0 [May 21, 2013]

Cincinnati Reds scored early in this game and I have to say it was the best first inning of play I have seen the Reds play in a very long time. Great patience at the plate by some guys that usually go up to bat swinging. Great game to watch and I really enjoyed watching Mike Leake pitch today, he was locating his pitches very nice and that low strike was really working well for him.

Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips extended their hitting streaks and Todd Frazier went 2 for 4 while Devin Mesoraco got a nice home run in the 9th inning.

Reds score on error

Devin Mesoraco’s solo homer

Leake’s great start

Last year on May 21 Mike Leake won against Atlanta Braves in Great American Ball Park 4-1.
May 21, 2012 [Braves 1 vs. Reds 4]

Pitching             IP H R ER BB SO HR
Mike Leake W (1-5)    8 3 1  1  1  6  1

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May 21, 2013 [Reds 4 vs. Mets 0]

Pitching             IP H R ER BB SO HR
Mike Leake W (4-2)    7 3 0  0  2  4  0

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Kyle Lohse part 2

Cincinnati Reds will be facing St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Kyle Lohse for the second time this season and I thought I would look more into what happened last game that made Lohse win over Mike Leake. Cardinals 3 – Reds 1

I can tell you I have had the pleasure of watching both of his starts this season and he has really come a long way from when he played with the Reds. Kyle Lohse has been very successful this season with his sinker. He has thrown in 73 times (40%) in two starts and 64.4% were strikes with 38.4% swings, 2.7% whiffs, 11.0% foul and 24.7% of them in play. (Mostly right to a position player to get the easy out.) His slider is also another pitch that has been very effective for him early this season. He has thrown it 40 times (23.3%) 62.5% strikes, 42.5% swung on and 7.5% whiffs. 7.5% were foul and 27.5% were in play. His change-up is what many announcers are praising right now though. He has thrown it 28 times (15.6%) with 64.3% strikes, 60.7% swing, 17.9% whiff, 25% foul and 17.9% in play. He has also thrown a 4-seam fastball this season 25 times (14%) with it also being a high strike pitch at 60%. 40% swing, 0% whiff and 20% both foul and in play. He threw a curveball 13 times this season. (7.3%) 53.8% strike, 23.1 swhing and 7.7% whiff, foul and in play. These stats can be all seen at pitch/fx

When the Reds faced Kyle Lohse this season at home he threw his sinker 39 times (43.3%) with it clocking in at 88 mph and 59% of them being strikes. 38.5% were swung at while 5.1% were whiffs, 12.8% foul and 20.5% in play. His slider was thrown 18 times (20%) and were in the strike zone 66.7% of the time with 44.4% swung on, 5.6% whiff, 11.1% foul and 27.8% in play. He threw his change-up and 4-seam fastball 14 times that game both seeing pretty good results versus the Reds hitters. They both hit the strike zone 71.4% with the change-up getting 64.3% swing and the fastball getting only 50%. His change-up had 7.1% whiff while his fastball got 0%. Change-ups in play was at 21.4% while his fastball got 28.6% in that game. He also threw his curveball 5 times (5.6%) with 40% strikes and 20% swing and foul. During this game he had a groundout rate of 29.17% and a flyout rate of 16.67%. 8.33% was the number for lineouts, strikeouts, pop outs and singles. 4.17% was double, intent walk, triple, hit by pitch and sac fly.

Kyle Lohse vs. Zack Cozart (4/10/12) [Source]
Lohse threw his slider 4 times, (44%) 75% strikes, 50% swung on with 50% in play. He also threw his change-up and sinker 2 times each with his change-up in the strike zone 50% and his sinker 100%. Cozart swung at his change-up 50% with 50% fouled off also while doing nothing with his sinker. Lohse also threw his cuverball once which was a ball. Cozart groundout, got hit by pitch and tripled.

Kyle Lohse vs. Joey Votto (4/10/12) [Source]
Single, lineout and sac fly were the results when these two faced for the first time this season. Lohse threw Votto 5 4-seam fastballs and 5 sinkers along with 1 change-up. His fastball and sinker hit the strike zone 80% while his change-up was a foul ball. Votto swung at his fastball 60% and his sinker 40% fouling off the fastball 40% and putting it in play 20%. Votto put his sinker into play 40% also.

Kyle Lohse vs. Scott Rolen (4/10/12) [Source]
Flyout, lineout and groundout with 4 sliders, 3 sinkers, 2 4-seam fastballs and 1 curveball. 25% slider strikes, 66.7% sinker strikes, and 100% 4-seam fastball strikes with the curveball being a ball. Rolen swung at the sinker (66%) and fastball *50%) putting them in play.

Kyle Lohse vs. Jay Bruce (4/10/12) [Source]
Double, Strikeout and single with 8 sinkers, 7 change-ups and 1 curveball. 37.5% sinker strikes, 71.4% change-up strikes and 100% curveball strikes. Bruce swung at the sinker 25% and his change-up 57% while his curveball was just a called strike. Jay whiffed at the sinker 25% and the change-up 14% while fouling it off 14.3% and putting it into play 28.6%.

Kyle Lohse vs. Chris Heisey (4/10/12) [Source]
Groundout, flyout and pop out with 9 sinkers, 2 change-ups, 1 4-seam fastball and 1 slider. 55.6% sinker strikes with every other pitch being 100% strikes. 0% whiffed at which is very impressive for Heisey. 33% sinker fouls, 100% change-up fouls and 100% slider fouls with 22.2% sinkers in play and 100% 4-seam fastballs in play.

Kyle Lohse vs. Drew Stubbs (4/10/12) [Source]
Groundout and strikeout with 5 sliders, 2 sinkers, 2 4-seam fastballs and 1 change-up. 80% slider strikes and 50% sinker strikes with Stubbs swinging at the slider 40% and fouling it off 20% and putting it into play 20%.

Kyle Lohse vs. Devin Mesoraco (4/10/12) [Source]
Intentional walk and pop out with 1 slider and 1 4-seam fastball both strikes with Mesoraco swinging at the slider and putting it into play.

Kyle Lohse vs. Willie Harris (4/10/12) [Source]
2 groundouts and a flyout with 5 sinkers, 3 4-seam fastballs, 2 curveballs and 1 change-up. 80% sinker strikes, 66% fastball strikes, 50% curveball strikes and 100% change-up strikes. Harris swung at the sinker 60%, fastball 66%, curveball 50% and the change-up 100%. Fouling off the sinker (40%) fastball (33%) and the curveball. (50%) He put the sinker in play 20% and the fastball 33% with also putting the change-up in play.

Kyle Lohse vs. Mike Leake (4/10/12) [Source]
Flyout and groundout with 5 sinkers and 3 sliders. 40% sinker strikes while he threw 66.7% slider strikes. Leake whiffed at the slider 33% and put it into play 33%. He put the sinker in play 20%.

Kyle Lohse vs. Cincinnati Reds

                    PA  AB  H HR RBI BB SO   BA  OBP   SLG   OPS
Willie Harris       31  27  6  0   1  2  1 .222 .276  .222  .498
Scott Rolen         21  18  4  1   2  2  1 .222 .333  .444  .778
Jay Bruce           19  18  6  1   4  1  6 .333 .368  .667 1.035
Brandon Phillips    18  16  4  0   1  1  2 .250 .278  .313  .590
Ryan Ludwick        16  15  3  0   2  1  6 .200 .250  .200  .450
Joey Votto          15  14  5  0   1  0  4 .357 .333  .500  .833
Ryan Hanigan        12  10  1  0   0  2  1 .100 .250  .200  .450
Drew Stubbs          8   7  0  0   0  1  2 .000 .125  .000  .125
Wilson Valdez        5   4  1  0   0  1  1 .250 .400  .250  .650
Zack Cozart          3   2  1  0   0  0  0 .500 .667 1.500 2.167
Chris Heisey         3   3  0  0   0  0  0 .000 .000  .000  .000
Bronson Arroyo       2   1  0  0   0  0  0 .000 .000  .000  .000
Homer Bailey         2   2  0  0   0  0  2 .000 .000  .000  .000
Johnny Cueto         2   2  1  0   0  0  0 .500 .500  .500 1.000
Mike Leake           2   2  0  0   0  0  0 .000 .000  .000  .000
Devin Mesoraco       2   1  0  0   0  1  0 .000 .500  .000  .500
Miguel Cairo         1   1  0  0   0  0  0 .000 .000  .000  .000
Mat Latos            1   0  0  0   0  0                        0
Total              163 143 32  2  11 12 26 .224 .289  .336  .625

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Play ball

I am all ready for the game today.  Great game today, even though it ended in a tie. I am very happy baseball is back.

March 3, 2012
1. Brandon Phillips 2b
2. Zack Cozart ss
3. Joey Votto 1b
4. Ryan Ludwick lf
5. Jay Bruce rf
6. Scott Rolen 3b
7. Drew Stubbs cf
8. Devin Mesoraco c
9. Dioner Navarro dh

Major League Baseball most active team in 2012 offseason #reds

In the past few days there have been more moves by Cincinnati Reds and it is hard to believe Walt Jocketty when he says he is finally done. It feels like the man has done more transactions this offseason then he has in the last five seasons combined. First, they made a trade with Philadelphia Phillies for 2B/SS Wilson Valdez for LHP Jeremy Horst. They signed Nick Masset to a two-year contract to avoid arbitration and they signed LHP Jeff Francis to a minor league deal to add more pitching depth. They also signed RHP Ryne Reynoso, INF Joel Guzman and before that, they signed utility player Willie Harris and are still waiting for the official signing of OF Ryan Ludwick. Let us not forget signing Ryan Madson and trading for Sean Marshall and Mat Latos and other minor league and spring training invites to players that will help bring competition to some of the younger guys. [Source -]

This offseason has to go down as the most exciting one I have ever experienced as a Reds fan. (Close to 20 years) No matter the outcome right now I have to say Walt Jocketty has really done a great job on finding players that will help the team win in 2012. With a tight budget he had to be very clever in who he traded for and signed but after all the smoke clears I think he got the best players for what he had available. With upgrades in the starting rotation, bullpen and as closer along with a solid bench upgrade the team is looking great for spring training which is just around the corner.

Another hot topic in the past few days was the Top 100 Prospects of 2012 on where Catcher Devin Mesoraco was No. 14 and shortstop Billy Hamilton rated at No. 34.

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