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My 2012 National League Central Standings

I have seen a lot of 2012 National League Central predictions and thought I would share my predictions. Many experts still think St. Louis Cardinals will be the top team, but if you look at my predictions I won’t show them any love at all, because I really think their losses out weigh their gains this offseason. Plus, they did not finish first last season with what they had so it is not easy for me to understand how people expect them to get first in 2012. I do think the Pirates will have a good season though and they could be a tough team to beat again for the Reds this season.

Now, of course these are just my early thoughts on what the standings will look like and I have been wrong many years. I do have a feeling though that the Cardinals and Brewers are going to have a tough time repeating what they did in 2011. Not just because of Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols but because of everything that has happened this offseason.

My 2012 National League Central Prediction:

1. Cincinnati Reds
2. Pittsburgh Pirates
3. Milwaukee Brewers
4. St. Louis Cardinals
5. Chicago Cubs
6. Houston Astros

People are starting to come around

I have noticed lately that people are starting to realize that Cincinnati Reds have a pretty good team this offseason. Especially after all of the moves that they have made. I think it is starting to sink in for some that St. Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers will have a lot more challenges this season then they did in 2011 and that the Reds are better equipped as they head into Spring Training. I personally can not wait until the start of the season. With everything that has happened this offseason, it will be very interesting to see what teams do well and which ones suffer. Will the National League be in trouble now that Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder are gone? Will Joey Votto be a lock for 1B in every all-star game for many years to come now? Will Reds fans finally realize that the Josh Hamilton trade was actually a good move by the Reds? Ha ha, the last one I just had to throw in there. I just read today that Hamilton had a relapse with alcohol and that he is still looking for a new buddy to help him stay sober for this new season. [Source - ESPN]

Play Ball

This offseason has been great for Cincinnati Reds fans and when Spring Training begins we will get a good look at the team Walt Jocketty and his front office have put together. Mat Latos, Sean Marshall and Ryan Madson are just a few new faces that we can expect to see in 2012. With Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder now in the American League most of us are wondering if that will have a huge effect on their former teams, St. Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers. Will Cincinnati be able to take first in the National League Central and will they have the right players to make the playoffs and even the World Series? Only time will tell and most of us are ready for the season to begin right now.

Have faith

Some baseball fans still think St. Louis Cardinals have the National League Central won in 2012. Even with the moves that the Cincinnati Reds have made this offseason people still believe it will not be good enough to take the Cardinals down. Even some Reds fans are saying it, which I find amazing. Let’s be honest here, when is the last time the Reds made this many great moves in one offseason? Should you not be excited about this upcoming season? There are some that say that the moves are great but they still don’t have what it takes to take first in the Central. They think the Reds have enough to beat Milwaukee Brewers and the rest of the teams in their division but will lose against St. Louis and might make the playoffs because of the wildcard. I say, have faith in what Walt is doing and just go with it. This is the most action the Reds have had in many offseasons and we should all be jumping for joy because for the first time in many years, Walt walked the walk instead of just talking the talk.

I don’t see what some of these baseball fans see. The Cardinals have just as many holes as the Reds do and I think they will go down with injuries in 2012 a lot more than the Reds will. They have a new manager and pitching coach along with Albert Pujols no longer in the batting order. In my mind they lost more than any team in the Central so how exactly are they going to take first? They are a tough team, they always have been but I don’t think they will be the number one team. Remember folks, they did not take first place last year. Sure they did great in the playoffs and went on to win the World Series but I really can’t see them doing that again in 2012.

Sure, the Reds still have question marks and if they get injured like they did in 2011 they will be lucky if they make it over .500, but they are way better this offseason then they were last offseason. They brought in top players that will help the team win many games. Top players that are within their budget. You have to give credit to Walt Jocketty for doing such a great job this offseason. He really stepped up and delivered a home run when it comes to transactions this offseason. No matter, if you think they were good or bad moves you have to admit this offseason has been the most exciting one for Reds fans for many years.

Great offseason for Cincinnati Reds

Kerry Wood might be leaving Chicago Cubs to sign with Philadelphia Phillies. If this happens it will go down as another move this offseason that will help the Cincinnati Reds in 2012 which they did not have to make. [Source]

Kerry Wood has a career 14-6 record against the Reds with a 2.85 ERA. With 201 strike outs while only giving up 59 walks in 161.1 IP and 47 games. He has a 4-3 record at Great American Ball Park and a 4.05 ERA with 66 strike outs and 17 walks along with only allowing 7 home runs in 53.1 innings pitched. (17 games)

If Kerry Wood does leave the Cubs this will be another move that has pushed the Reds closer to first place in the National League Central without them making any other moves. The Reds did get Sean Marshall and Mat Latos in trades earlier this offseason and are waiting to find out if they will re-sign closer Francisco Cordero but other than that they have not had to really do much more.

This has been one very interesting offseason for Reds fans. First we saw Albert Pujols along with manager Tony LaRussa leave St. Louis Cardinals. Prince Fielder is not expected to return to Milwaukee Brewers and Ryan Braun is expected to get a 50 game suspension due to testing positive for PEDs. The Chicago Cubs are cleaning house and are dealing away most of their high salary players like Carlos Zambrano and there are still rumors that Matt Garza might be next. Houston Astros are in a rebuilding year and are getting ready to move to the American League. Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds are the only teams in National League Central that have not been losing lots of their key players this offseason.

2r2d Podcast: Episode 1 (01.03.12)

I wanted to try out a podcast to start off 2012. I am not sure if I will do a lot of podcasts but if feedback is good it might become a welcome addition to the blog. This first episode is about what I have posted on 2r2d blog. Mat Latos, Sean Marshall and Josh Judy are talked about in this episode.

2r2d Podcast: Episode 1 (01.03.12).

Ryan Madson and Cincinnati Reds

Some people think Ryan Madson is an option for the Cincinnati Reds. I am one of those fans that really hope Walt Jocketty and the Reds front office either re-sign Francisco Cordero or go with in-house options. Ryan Madson is rumored to be looking for a one year deal and there are only two teams that really are good suitors for him right now. The Reds and Los Angeles Angels. [Source]

In 8 games (8 IP) Madson has given up 4 home runs in Great American Ball Park. I really don’t think he is the kind of closer the Reds need right now. Even if it is for only one year this deal just does not work for the Reds. Cordero at 2 years would make a lot more sense for the team since they already know he is durable and can pitch well in GABP.

There is no doubt that Ryan Madson is a great pitcher and with some of the National League Central teams he has a great ERA, but as we all know judging relief pitchers off of ERA is not always the best way to do it. I was more interested in how many home runs he gave up. I really hope Madson is not a real option that the Reds are looking into and I wish a reporter close to the Reds would finally ask Walt Jocketty about it so then we could crush this rumor before it gets worse. If Cordero does not re-sign I really think they will go with in-house guys like Walt said. Now don’t get me wrong, having Madson on the team would be nice but maybe as setup man with Sean Marshall for closer Cordero. But, I really doubt the Reds would have money for that because Madson’s agent is Scott Boras and we all know Boras loves to get big bucks for his guys. With that said, I think the Reds would save money by re-signing Cordero for 2 or 3 years.

Career numbers for Ryan Madson at Great American Ball Park.

               Split W L  ERA G  IP  H ER HR  WHIP
    CIN-GreatAmer BP 1 1 7.88 8 8.0 10  7  4 1.500

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Generated 12/30/2011.

Career numbers for Ryan Madson in National League Central Ball Parks.

               Split W L  ERA  G SV   IP  H ER HR SO  WHIP
     CHC-Wrigley Fld 0 1 5.68  9  1  6.1  7  4  2  7 1.421
    CIN-GreatAmer BP 1 1 7.88  8  3  8.0 10  7  4  8 1.500
    HOU-MinuteMaidPk 0 1 4.15  9  0  8.2 12  4  1  8 1.615
       MIL-Miller Pk 0 1 1.42  8  3  6.1  7  1  0  5 1.579
          PIT-PNC Pk 1 1 4.50  6  0  8.0  9  4  2  6 1.250
    STL-Busch Stad 3 0 0 1.93 11  0 14.0  8  3  2 10 0.929

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Career numbers for Ryan Madson vs. National League Central teams.

                  Split W L  ERA  G SV   IP  H ER HR  WHIP
           Chicago Cubs 1 1 5.51 20  2 16.1 20 10  4 1.531
        Cincinnati Reds 4 4 6.99 24  3 28.1 33 22  7 1.412
         Houston Astros 0 3 4.15 21  1 21.2 25 10  2 1.292
      Milwaukee Brewers 3 1 1.74 18  4 20.2 19  4  1 1.258
     Pittsburgh Pirates 2 1 2.08 14  2 17.1 15  4  2 0.923
    St. Louis Cardinals 1 1 1.72 22  0 31.1 19  6  2 0.830

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