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Late spring [blog] cleaning

With snow still on the ground here I am a little late with posts and with cleaning. I have finally come around to cleaning up the blog and will continue to clean it up as the days go on. Cincinnati Reds have a great team this season and I am really loving Choo at the top of the order. Votto and Choo fighting for the best OBP is a lot of fun to watch everyday. And I now say without a lie that I really enjoy watching Homer Bailey pitch now. He has really matured and become the top of the rotation kind of pitcher many Reds said he would. Go #Reds

# Reds Blasts from the past (part 1)

I found some more great videos today and thought I would share. It is by just strange chance that some of these monster blasts are against the Giants. :)

Votto’s two-run smash

Votto’s second homer

Rolen’s three-run blast

Bruce’s solo homer

Gomes’ 100th homer

Hanigan hammers one

Votto’s solo shot

Phillips’ three-run shot

Hanigan’s three-run shot

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