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Movie Night: Major League II

With such a boring off-season for the Cincinnati Reds I thought maybe we could watch a movie instead of trying to figure out what Walt Jocketty and the Reds will try to do to improve this ball club for this upcoming season. Some days I really wonder if Mr. Jocketty actually has a plan at all when he goes into the off-season. So, sit back and enjoy a great movie while we all wait for Uncle Walt to pull a rabbit out of his… hat.

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Major League II

Won’t Choo bring Arroyo back?

Cincinnati Reds are close to bringing RHP Bronson Arroyo back to joining the starting rotation. Many, even Walt Jocketty thought it would be very hard to get a player like Arroyo back on the team but for some strange reason not many teams have shown a lot of interest in him. One thing I like about Bronson Arroyo is the fact that you know what you are getting from a pitcher like this every single season. 200+ Innings with a great club house guy who will help the younger pitchers a lot. If the Reds can sign him to a one year deal they would add more pitching depth which is always good, especially after the season they had last year.

Another former Red who is having trouble finding a team this off-season is Shin-Soo Choo. Many teams do not want to give up a draft pick and the huge money/years that he wants. This is one of those situations where Scott Boras might have hurt himself by waiting. If the Reds could get lucky and sign him to a short term contract too it would really help the team out big time. Walt Jocketty and the Reds front office pretty much gave up on re-signing Choo but with the market disappearing maybe they will be able to get him back on a one year deal too. Santa would really be good to Reds fans this year if that was to happen.

What is under the Christmas Tree this year Walt?

It is that time once again when Cincinnati Reds fans wait to see what happens after MLB Winter Meetings. The last two years have been good to us around this time with trades for Shin-Soo Choo, Mat Latos and Sean Marshall. What will be under the Christmas tree this year for Reds fans? Only time will tell and I am very excited to see what happens next.

There have been a lot of rumors lately with 2B Brandon Phillips being traded. Along with RHP Homer Bailey (which Walt Jocketty shot down saying they were trying to re-sign him, not trade him.) Aroldis Chapman has even been thrown into some of the trade rumors, along with Sean Marshall. Brandon Phillips was in the New York Yankees trade rumor where the Reds would get OF Brett Gardner for Phillips straight up but the Yankees turned down that deal wanting to hold onto Gardner for a starting pitcher.

Reds have been rumored to be very interested in free agent 2B Omar Infante which would lead to a Brandon Phillips trade coming soon, or would it? Some say Infante would play 3B or OF. There is also another rumor going around that Matt Kemp would come to the Reds for Homer Bailey and Brandon Phillips. But I would not put too much thought into that one due to the fact that Kemp would cost more money then Phillips which would then put the Reds and Walt Jocketty in even worse shape financially. There were also rumors of Bronson Arroyo being signed back to the Reds but Walt Jocketty told reporters right away that he just wanted to sit in with Arroyo’s agent and see where they were with contract talks and thought he owed it to Arroyo to at least listen due to what he has done for the Reds. Jocketty also told reporters that the Reds had to move on with trying to re-sign Shin-Soo Choo which makes sense due to the contract he is looking for with his agent Scott Boras.

If Cincinnati Reds do trade Brandon Phillips it will be for a one year rental OF player where they then will spend the money owed to Phillips to signing Homer Bailey to a big contract extension. They then would go after Omar Infante (if they could afford him) and a backup switch hitting middle infielder.

#Reds interested in Omar Infante

I don’t know what to say to this one, so I will just sit back and see what everyone else says. First I will repeat what it says then I will let it sink in for a bit. “Reds say they’re quite interested in 2B Omar Infante, but they obviously need to find a taker for Brandon Phillips, first.” One quick comment; this goes back to what I said before about Walt Jocketty and the Reds focusing more on offense instead of defense this off-season.

Walt Jocketty disappointed they did not get more done during Winter Meetings

MLB Winter Meetings are over for the Cincinnati Reds and once again Walt Jocketty and the front office go home “disappointed” Many of us knew the Reds would probably not do much during the meetings but a lot of us were hoping things would be different this time around. There were lots of rumors but from what I saw on twitter, most of the rumors were coming from other teams. And when the rumors came out Walt Jocketty was quick to squash them along with any hope of making the team better. Time will only tell if this Winter Meetings was a waste but from what I am seeing so far it does not look to promising. Walt and his front office could not even land his mystery switch hitting SS bench player. Sometimes I really wish he would not try to surprise everyone and just come out and tell reporters what he is doing. This holding stuff close to the vest thing is getting real old, real quick.

Walt Jocketty talks about Brandon Phillips and Aroldis Chapman

Cincinnati Reds general manager, Walt Jocketty told reporters that he has talked to 2B Brandon Phillips and told him trade talks are now over. Jocketty said, “We’re a better team with him.”

I have read that this could be because of how much Jacoby Ellsbury got from the Yankees, which reflects what Shin-Soo Choo should get close to in free agency. Which of course is way too much for the Reds to even think about, even if they did trade Phillips. Jocketty also said that Aroldis Chapman will be their closer.


Can #reds afford Choo? beat reporter Mark Sheldon wrote in his blog that Cincinnati Reds have not talked to CF Shin-Soo Choo or his agent Scott Boras in a few weeks but they are still trying to get him back. General Manager Walt Jocketty told Sheldon on the phone that “I had one conversation with [agent Scott] Boras a couple of weeks ago. We haven’t done anything since then because of holidays and things going on.”

I have read that many reporters and baseball minds think there is no way the Reds can afford Choo even if they do get rid of Brandon Phillips and his contract. The money and years wanted is just to much for the Reds to handle unless Ownership is willing to hand over more money, which a lot of people can not see happening.

As I stated before, it seems like Walt Jocketty is focusing more on offense then defense so I can see a few more players who lack defense but are great hitters joining the team very soon.

Shin-Soo Choo Rumors on twitter:

Who goes first? Phillips or Jocketty? #reds

There are rumors now that Cincinnati Reds 2B Brandon Phillips will most likely stay with the Reds this season. Other teams are saying they had the feeling Ownership wanted him gone more then the front office. Which means to me, Walt Jocketty will not be with the Reds next season if he does not trade Brandon Phillips this off-season. I have always thought Walt Jocketty was skating on thin ice after last season and now with this he might have to pack his bags. There are lots of fans that do not want to see Brandon Phillips traded and I agree but when the owner says something you should listen. So, who do you think will be gone first? Walt Jocketty or Brandon Phillips? I say Walt Jocketty will be gone first then once a new general manager is in, Brandon Phillips will be soon to follow. It is going to happen whether you like it or not and I have the feeling once Reds Owner, Robert H. Castellini reads or hears about these rumors Walt Jocketty will have some serious explaining to do and I don’t think “I am not going to make a move just to make a move” is going to cut it this time.

I also found out through twitter that the coaches will be announced today. This is very good news and hopefully this will get the ball rolling on trades and free agent signings that still need to be done.

Ryan Hanigan traded

Cincinnati Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan was traded to Tampa Bay Rays in a three team trade today. Reds get LHP prospect David Holmberg from Arizona Diamondbacks. Source I personally hate to see Ryan Hanigan go because he did a great job with the pitchers. In my mind it looks like Walt Jocketty is focusing more on offense the defense now and this could mean Brandon Phillips is next.

“nobody is untouchable”

Cincinnati Reds general manager, Walt Jocketty for the first time with the Reds has said something I never thought he would ever say, “nobody is untouchable.” This quote makes me smile big time and hopefully it sends the right message to the players on the Reds. [Source]

This quote is in reference to the rumors of Brandon Phillips being traded. Walt stated that he had not talked to anyone yet but he also said, “nobody is untouchable” which I am sorry to keep repeating it but sounds so good right now. It means they are tired of the crap and are head hunting. 90 wins is not a good enough excuse anymore!

I still think Phillips will be dealt, even with Walt saying he had not talked to anyone. I also think they will be trading other players too this off-season. It should make for a very busy time for the front office and for Reds fans. With the manager spot already filled by Bryan Price, it is time to get ready for the cleaning to begin. I predict things to be happening as soon as they can make moves.

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